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Jumi Sanoprika was born in Medan, November 25th, 1980. I’m Indonesian Muslim. Experience for professional appointments, mostly in Aceh. I have dealt with various chores requiring a high meticulousness and have acquired strong experiences having worked as:

Economic Advisor

  • Writer for ADB Publication Book
    2009 to 2010

    Involving Beneficiaries in Complaint Handling: The German Agro Action Experience in Pante Raja and Simeulue. Complaint Handling in the Rehabilitation of Aceh and Nias, Asian Development Bank Publication Book. October 2010. ISBN: 978-971-561-847-2.

  • Economic Advisor
    In 2009

    Economic Advisor, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, i.e., GAA, work under Supervision of Project Leader Mr. Klaus Dieter Peters and cooperation with livelihood team.

  • Housing Project Staff
    In 2009

    Project Staff for the preparation and implementation of housing subproject in Pante Raja, Pidie until completion in April 2009.

  • Senior Livelihood Officer
    2008 to 2009

    Income Generating Activities by the Members of Micro‐finance Groups, Handicraft Groups, and Aquaculture Groups in Pidie and Bireun District, Aceh.

  • Aquaculture Technical Consultant
    In 2008

    Technical Consultant of Development Institution for Community in Coastal Areas and Small Islands for Aquaculture Project (Aquaculture Skill Training, Poly‐culture Embankment Cultivation Technical Training‐Technical Assistance‐Post Production), Supervision of Aquaculture and Technical Training of the Village Group in Village appointed by Welthungerhilfe Project Office, Sigli (Pasie Ie Leubeue Village, Pidie District and Matang Bangka Village, Bireuen District)

  • Senior Livelihood Business Activities Officer
    2007 to 2008

    Income Generating Activities by the Members of Micro‐finance Groups in Pidie District.

  • Economical Consultant
    In 2007

    Monitoring and Evaluation for Economical Feasibility Studies on Income Generating Activities by the Members of Micro‐finance Groups in the Village of Pasi Ie Leubeu, Pidie, Aceh.


Posted 01/10/2012 by Jumi Sanoprika

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